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Bere Mill Lamb

Bere Mill Farm

Bere Mill Farm is situated just 15 miles down the road and sits in the river valley on a very special landscape, including chalk streams and water meadows. Bere Mill Farm keep three breeds of cattle and sheep which have been carefully selected for the texture and quality of the well marbled but lean meat. Human intervention is kept to an absolute minimum with stocks reared and overwintered outside, grazing on hay made on the farm. This results in incredibly healthy livestock and fantastic tasting meat. Find out more here.

Hogget and Boar employees and cows

Hogget & Boar Butchery

Based on a buffalo farm in Stockbridge, Hampshire, Hogget & Boar’s products are sourced directly from farmers, and in addition to local free-range meat and products, they also supply one of the world’s best steaks, direct from Sweden. With a commitment to their green initiative, Hogget & Boar seek out high-welfare sustainable products which we regularly use on our menus here at the Chesil Rectory. Find out more about Hogget & Boar here.

Portland Fishing Scene

Portland Shellfish

Portland Shellfish is as a third generation family owned shellfish merchant. The company was founded with a simple mandate; to supply the very best shellfish available. Based in Portland, Dorset, the company moved to an old naval dockyard in 1997. This location provides consistent access to clean water with a stable salinity perfect for holding live crab, lobster and langoustine. The outstanding quality and reliability of Portland Shellfish simply cannot be matched! Read more about Portland Shellfish here.

Mozzo Coffee Cup

Mozzo Coffee

Based just down the road in Southampton and founded in 2005, Mozzo is a group of people committed to sharing passion and knowledge for serving exceptional and sustainable coffee. Mozzo’s business model focuses on maximising the social impact whilst minimising the environmental impact. This includes their “Community2Community Fund™, where Mozzo invests 10p for every kg of coffee sold, which directly supports the constructive progression of coffee farming communities. Find out more about Mozzo and this incredible initiative here.


Laverstoke Park Farm

Is spread over 2,500 acres of rolling Hampshire countryside near Overton. It is owned and run by ex-racing driver and Formula One World Champion Jody Scheckter. He wanted to create a farming environment that would follow nature as closely as possible, combining 21st century science, together with the most environmentally friendly farming methods available.

Jody Scheckter started his organic/biodynamic farm in Hampshire to produce the best-tasting, healthiest food without compromise.

Laverstoke black pudding is made using a rare Scottish Hebridian style recipe that uses medium sized oatmeal as opposed to fat additives. Made with our unique spices to create a truly authentic and rustic black pudding which is slightly spiced and deliciously flavoursome.

Fundamentally Fungus in Stockbridge, Hampshire

Fundamentally Fungus

Speciality cultivated mushrooms which are clean, green, sustainable and delicious. Set up in 1999 by Jane Dick and Sue Whiting to supply very high-quality sustainable food to skilled professional chefs.

Fundamentally Fungus is now the leading, nationwide independent specialist mushroom supplier.

They produce high quality, consistent, sustainable and traceable cultivated mushrooms – an alternative to mushrooms taken from the wild. (The international wild mushroom trade is unregulated and wild stocks are in danger from over-exploitation of a free resource.)

Johnson & Swarbrick - Goosnargh


Johnson & Swarbrick have been producing Goosnargh ducks since the 1960’s. Corn fed & reared naturally in the beautiful picturesque village of Goosnargh, Lancashire – where our head chef was born & raised.

Goosnargh poultry is recognised throughout the UK for its superior quality & flavour!

Chalk Stream

Chalk Stream Farm

Chalk Farm is located near Romsey next to the River Test.

The trout is some of the tastiest, richest and leanest in the UK as a result of their unique natural habitat. Drawn from sustainable farms on the Rivers Itchen and Test, these spring-fed chalk streams with crystal clear water, constant water flows and excellent light and vegetation create havens for the fish. These beautiful chalk streams giving the fish a distinct, sensational taste whether smoked or fresh.

Rosary Goats’ Cheese

Rosary Goats Cheese began in Salisbury 1988..

Rosary is a fresh, creamy goats’ cheese with a mousse-like texture and a natural acidity.  It is made from pasteurised milk, using a microbial rennet, which makes it suitable for vegetarians & features in many of our dishes!